12 October 2007

Status Report: 04-12 October 2007

I know, I know. I've been busy.

I am happy to report, however, that I have been sober for thirteen days.

I am moving this weekend to a new apartment complex that's right over the hill from where I work. I'm very much looking forward to it all. I will soon no longer be as reliant on others for rides to and fro. I will be nearly a quarter-mile away from work and, perhaps, a half-mile from a decent shopping center. Heck, I'm in walking distance of food, shopping, and entertainment. There's a nearby grocery store that borders both a Circuit City and Best Buy (along with other stores tied in), as well as a movie theater.

Things are definitely looking up!


Tino said...

ive been addicted for about 5 years now... heroin only at first snorted, you see over here in Newark, NJ, the purity of diesel can go from shit to the most unbelievable stuff...i haven't been sober in about 2 months or so, I had just started with Suboxone before that because my tolerance had grown to a total of 5-6 IV's a day. My arm has cleared off except for a slight darkness on the skin where the vain is. i'd like u to contact me, whoever is writing this blog. i can't live like this anymore either.

diariesofanaddict said...

hey tino,

I feel your pain, bro. I, too, have dark spots where I would hit. The right arm is still healing to this day, believe it or not. Right before I decided to become sober I tore the hell out of the major vein on the inside of my elbow; all the way up and down my arm. It sure will be quite some time before I am able to wear short sleeves -- in fact, I haven't worn any in numerous years to be honest. Good thing winter's coming up, huh? I hope that by spring things will have changed a little bit.

As far as contacting you: how do I go about doing so? Do you have AIM or an e-mail address?

zdogg said...

Thats good to hear that you will be in walking distance of everything. It will make things a lot easier on you.
You come to find the longer you stay sober the more and more positive things will happen for you in your life. Don't get me wrong there is a lot of hard shit still to go through and sometimes stuff from your past cant catch up to you and bite you in the ass. Its just you got to learn how to deal with these things without using. The longer you stay clean the easier it gets. First fews months was shitty for me but now i don't even think about using the thought rarely crosses my mind and if it dose i know how to deal with it so i don't have to use. I am not sure where i was going with this but i just wanted to say congratulation's man keep up the good work!

leba said...

congratulations! i'm 14 days today :)
i can't tell if it gets harder or easier to stay clean the longer i go... i guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Tino said...

Yeah, contact me at ki11or (k i one one o r) AIM.

Tino said...

Yeah, cnotact me at ki11or (k i one one o r) AIM.