16 October 2007

Status Report: 13-16 October 2007


I really hope that I haven't lost out on every one's interest due to my lack of writing.

Things will soon change; I just moved into a new apartment and am beginning to have everything switched over, so to speak. My internet connection is supposed to be up and ready to go by this afternoon, but we shall see when that time comes. I've learned — pretty quickly, in my short life — that cable/utility companies are a bit overenthusiastic when selling their services; yet, when it comes down to actually providing said service, it is a bit of a toss up.

I'm now approximately one-quarter mile away from work. This makes it very simple for me to walk to and fro. I'm beginning to get used to the routine and actually quite like it. It's close enough to not be a burden, but far enough away to ensure some type of seclusion.

This is my seventeenth day of sobriety. Each day is an uphill battle, sure, but with each passing day I find myself feeling better and better. To all of those that are currently struggling with an addiction to opiates/opioids such as Heroin, morphine, oxycodone, hydrocodone, hydromorphone, oxymorphone, or even codeine: it is definitely worth fighting the good fight to abstain.

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Alexander said...

We're rooting for you!